Nonfiction Review: JUNIPER: THE GIRL WHO WAS BORN TOO SOON by Kelley French & Tom French

JUNIPER: THE GIRL WHO WAS BORN TOO SOON is a heart-wrenching story of hope. Juniper was born at 23 weeks 6 days – on the edge of viability. No one knew if she would live or die. Her parents didn’t give up on her and she spent the next few months in an incubator, health fluctuating.

It was a raw and it was emotional. I went through half a box of tissues on this book alone. It’s not a light fluffy read – it’s a hard one. Hard to tell what will happen next and if she’ll survive the next relapse. That being said – I’m happy I read it. I loved seeing Juniper beat the odds and climb her way out of this hole.

Tom, her father, read HARRY POTTER to her and I thought that was absolutely precious. The monitors that Juniper was currently hooked up to could detect mood and Juniper was loving every second of it. This was also special on a personal level because I too have started to read HARRY POTTER aloud to my 19 week old belly.

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