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Boston: Power of Narrative Conference

The Power of Narrative Conference has convened in several places under several names since its founding at Boston University in 1998. Our mission remains constant as storytelling journalism goes digital: helping narrative journalists to strengthen their craft skills, puzzle out the complex ethics of intimate journalism, and impart the down-to-earth humanity that is the genre's strength. Every year, we quickly sell all our seats. The conference talks are stimulating, sophisticated, practical and relevant, aimed at mid-career nonfiction storytellers in many media, offered by terrific and varied practitioners. The vigorous Q & A sessions following each talk keep us on-target. And, between sessions and at meal breaks we program in time to meet speakers and new colleagues and share ideas, aspirations, projects, networks.

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Washington, D.C.: National Coalition for Infant Health Policy Summit

NCfIH is a multidisciplinary collaborative of provider, parent, community and national support organizations focused on improving the lives of premature infants and their families through public policy and access to optimal health therapies. The coalition is committed to the special needs of premature infants through age two.

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